Sustanon 250: post cycle therapy

Sooner or later, every athlete, amateur, “visits” anabolic steroids for rapid growth in muscle mass and strength.

Such thoughts are natural because the limit of our muscle growth is determined by our genetics.

Every person who professes the so-called “natural formation” eventually reaches his “genetic threshold”, which cannot be crossed without special means.

This article focuses on one of those “special tools”, Sustanon 250, one of the most popular and well-known steroids in amateur bodybuilding.

What is Sustanon and how to take it?

Sustanon 250 was developed as a medicinal drug (but like most steroids). This steroid is widely used in medicine as a drug for hormone replacement therapy.

The drug contains four testosterone esters with different durations of action in the body.

Thus, testosterone propionate begins to act in the body almost immediately after injection and lasts for two days. Three days after the injection, the next emission is “on”, followed by the next, and so on.

This is how Sustanon shows its activity in the body for 20 days.

Therefore, in medicine, Sustanon is used no more than once every 3 weeks.

In bodybuilding, Sustanon should be used much more often.

The optimal injection schedule: one injection every three days or one injection every 5 days. This mode is due to the different duration of action of testosterone esters, which are part of this drug. By injecting Sustanon every three days, you can avoid so-called “steroid sinks” when one ester has already worked in the body and the next has not yet started up.

It must be said that users of this steroid have erroneously formed the opinion that Sustanon has an edge over other forms of testosterone, but this is not the case.

Post cycle therapy

Like all testosterones, Sustanon 250 tends to aromatize. Therefore, all the side effects of testosterone are inherent: possible development of gynecomastia, water retention in the muscles, deposition of female fat. To avoid these side effects, sports medicine recommends the use of anastrozole or another aromatase inhibitor.

Like any exogenous hormone, Sustanon suppresses the production of its own testosterone. Therefore, if you use this steroid for more than eight weeks, you must use gonadotropin, which prevents the development of such a side effect as testicular atrophy and contributes to its regression. at least. the circulation.

The optimal period to get the maximum result from this steroid is 8 weeks or more. The dosage range is very wide: from 250 mg. for beginners – up to 1 gram of active ingredient and more – for advanced and professional athletes.

Post cycle therapy is mandatory after a cycle of Sustanon 250. It is necessary to start PCT three weeks after the last joint injection. The duration of the PCT depends on the “severity” of the course.

PCT is started 3 weeks after the last injection, most commonly using Clomid or Tamoxifen. It is also desirable to connect testosterone boosters. If the course exceeds 8 weeks, it is necessary to introduce gonadotropin.

How to take Clomid PCT after course

Clomid doses depend on the course of steroids taken. The more medications were taken and the higher their doses, the longer it would take for the body to return to normal.

In general, the reception pattern looks like this:

  • after a very difficult course – 3 * 150, 12 * 100, 15 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after a difficult course – 15 * 100, 15 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after the center aisle – 30 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after a light cure -1550, 1525, 1525 (once every 2 days) following a very simple route – 1550, 1525.

The first number indicates the number of days the medicine should be taken. The second number after the asterisk is the recommended dose of the drug. For example, 15100/15*50 means Clomid should be taken at 100 mg for 15 days, then at 50 mg for another 15 days.

How to take tamoxifen

It is recommended to combine taking tamoxifen with aromatase inhibitors after a steroid cycle, the most popular of which is Proviron. Tamoxifen as the main agent of PCT is used in doses of 10-20 milligrams per day, starting from the last week of the course and ending in the second week after its completion. If Proviron is not taken, then tamoxifen will be activated a little later, at week 2, and will end 2-3 weeks after its cancellation.

Note that the highest level of estrogen in the body is observed at the end of the first week of the AAS course. As for taking tamoxifen in bodybuilding in a steroid cycle that does not have aromatizing effects, it is recommended to add it only at the end of the cycle.